Gocycle G3 Electric Bike

Gocycle G3 Electric Bike

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Gocycle G3 Electric Bike

Gocycle G3 Electric Bike

The Gocycle G3 is the most cutting edge eBike available in the world to date. Gocycle have built upon the success of the G2 to create an even better foldable electric bike.

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Key Features of the Gocycle G3

  • The Goycle G3 now has a range of 50 miles, 10 miles more than the G2.
  • It is a foldable eBike, so you can store it under your desk at work, take it on the train or
  • It is one of the lightest production eBikes around at only 16.3kg.
  • It is the first eBike to include a Daytime Running Light (DRL), improving your visibility on the road, day and night by using the Gocycle Patented Light Pipe Design.
  • All of the G3\'s settings can be configured using the new and improved Goycle Connnect App. The App also provides information about your journey, the calories you have burned and the amount of fuel you have saved by using the Gocycle G3 instead of a car.
  • The Gocycle G3 is available in Matte Black, White and Electric Blue.

How is the Gocycle G3 better than the Gocycle G2?

  • The G3 has a 10 mile longer range than the G2 provided by its 25% higher capacity Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery and newly designed battery management system, that improves charging and sleep management.
  • The G3 includes a patented Hexlock System that locks the wheels in place with a single click.
  • The G3 includes a Daytime Running Light that makes riders more visible on the road and better integrated lights.
  • Ergonomic Grips with integrated two way rotary shifter for easier power shifting and DRL control.
  • New and improved brakes levers and dashboard display.
  • Click here to see all of the other improvements on our blog article.

    Charge Time

    5 hours


    30-50 miles



    A super light, powerful, folding, long range eBike

    Gocycle was founded by Richard Thorpe a former McLaren F1 designer who used his experience and knowledge of F1 technology and applied it to creating an industry leading electric bike. The Gocycle G3 is the third edition of the Gocycle and marks a new standard for foldable electric bike design. Weighing only 16.3kg but having a range of up to 50 miles the Gocycle can go further than some much bigger electric bikes but is still easy to fold and store in a cupboard or under your desk at work.

    What\'s more it\'s brilliant fun to ride and zip about city streets on, turning your daily commute into a highlight of your day.

    The Gocycle Proprietary Motor Gear drive and new Gocycle Connect App

    The Gocycle G3 has two different power systems. It provdes pedal assistance to the rider as they pedal, making it easier to zip about town without breaking a sweat, but also a throttle that can be toggled into action using the Gocycle Connect App. All of the settings of the Gocycle G3 can be controlled and modified using a new version of the Gocycle Connect App that features an improved interface and more in depth journey information including the amount of petrol the rider has saved by cycling, their average speed and the calories they have burned. When you are riding the bike you can change the level of pedal assistance using the twist controls integrated into the new ergonomic grips.

    A foldable design

    The Gocycle G3 can also be easily folded up and stored compactly in it\'s docking station. This additional extra is usually £299 but is available for a limited time only for free with the Gocycle G3.

    A Daytime Running Light

    The Gocycle G3 now includes a day time running light integrated into the the front of the handlebars. This innovation, now a mandatory requirement on all cars, allows the G3 to be far more visible to other road users and makes the bike look stunning at night. The Gocycle G3 is the first eBike to include this technology.



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